Who We Are… and What We Do:

Welcome to the official interface for questions, queries, and all things related to  StreetCry Media, StreetCry Media Partners, and StreetCry Media Productions. Collectively known as the StreetCry Media Group.

We are an independent private contracted client representative and production firm. We are not open to the general public. We are by invitation only.

If you have been directed to this interface by us, or one of our clients, please visit the Submission page listed at the top right and enter the requisite information. If you have stumbled upon us by mistake please be advised we disregard any requests for information, nor do we accept any unsolicited submissions of material from artists, speakers, or contractors. As stated above we are invitation only.

If you would like to see answers to some frequently asked questions, please click on the page at the top right titled FAQ’s. It may help in understanding this interface more clearly.


StreetCry Media