Closed to the public? What are you some type of secret government agency?

No. Although that does sound intriguing. We are a business that works on an invitation only or referral basis. We just do not accept or respond to any unsolicited materials or inquiries. It helps us focus on what truly matters, Our clients.

No phone number, No address, No Contact Information, What’s up with that?

It might sound strange at first but no matter what one seems to do inevitably, spammers, unsolicited information requests, unsolicited materials and  the like are sent in amazing frequency and volume. It’s just our way of stating “Please Make It Stop!”

So how does someone contact you?

If you have been referred to us by one of our existing clients, or we have asked you to contact us using this website, just go to the submission page and enter your contact information. In the field that asks for the “Referral” you will know what to enter and we will know whether it’s a legitimate submission or someone trying to game the system. This allows us to disregard anything that is not pertinent to our clients.

I still don’t get the no phone or address thing. Why is this such a secret?

We’ll explain it as clearly as we can. Business models have changed at a breakneck speed. We believe here at StreetCry Media that we are at the tip of the spear. Others might claim to be on the cutting edge, but the tip is what strikes first. And that sums up our philosophy to both business, and service to our clients. We operate far more efficiently using our model. We needn’t have redundant staff requirements to answer unsolicited sales calls trying to sell us something we don’t need or use; read, delete, or toss unsolicited mail that requires us to get larger post boxes only to then be responsible for the refuse with the added burden of recycling then paying to have it all hauled away. Business is business and costs are cost. It’s all about focus. We want to focus only on what is important to our business and our clients. And it is this unabashed differentiation that adds value for our clients. At StreetCry Media Partners that’s the only true business model we care about . Our philosophy is : “We add value. Let the competition add clutter.”


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